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PLEASE NOTE: For the time being, all videos are being streamed from Youtube... so I pre-apologize for any annoying weirdness that may get tossed in (as we all know Youtube tends to do!).

ORIGINAL: I Don't Know
Wyatt Reed

I DON'T KNOW- Talk about a fun tune- still my favorite that I've ever written. I keep reposting this silly song, but that's because I love it... precisely because it IS a silly song! It's upbeat & happy & just makes you feel good- well, it does to me, anyway.

ORIGINAL: Havin' A Ball
Wyatt Reed

HAVIN' A BALL- My original Jimmy Buffett tribute! It's gone over better than I'd expected- gottne some airplay... which is good!

ORIGINAL: Waterside
Wyatt Reed

WATERSIDE- I wrote this song in memory of my Dad- he loved summer & he loved the water. Bring it on...

Wyatt Reed

STUCK ON YOU- A little live recording of another original. I really like this tune because it's both light-hearted yet romantic at the same time- it expresses an emotion we've all had to go/suffer through. At first I thought it was a little too silly to develop, but the great guitarist Johnny Mac (he's on most of my originals!) said, "What a great little ditty that is!" And that sold me- if Johnny says it's a great little ditty, that's good enough for me! So here it is. PS: I added the images instead of the live video footage because the live footage was amazingly boring!

WYATT ON THE KEYS: Clair de Lune (Debussy)
Performed by Wyatt Reed

My piano version of the Debussy classic Clair de Lune. An amazingly beautiful piece (whether I'm playing it or not!).

TOYS 4 TOTS Christmas Promo
Created by Wyatt Reed

I'm very proud of this. I was contracted to make a series of ads for the most recent Toys 4 Tots Christmas drive. This one was run in Vegas & Reno casinos to try to motivate winners to toss a little of their newflound riches in the direction of the kids.

By Wyatt Reed

IT IS CALLED THE WORLD'S GREATEST CHILDREN'S STORY. Well, that's what I call it anyway. It's mere coincidence that I'm also the one who wrote it. MR. INKBLOT - 10 Year (Narrated) Anniversary Edition. A tale for the ages I wrote a few years back.
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